Expirience the transformational power of Gong Meditation

Join us as we welcome back Andre Peraza for a powerful demonstration of the effects sound, vibration and meditation.

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Gong Journey Meditation

Friday April 12, 6:30pm

In Andre's own words;

"The gong is a powerful instrument that works on many levels to heal the listener. On a physical level, the sonic vibrations penetrate through the body and stimulates the nerves system, the internal organs and targets problem areas that need healing. On a mental level, the gong's hypnotic sounds can clear the mind and bring deep relaxation. It can help release deep emotional energy and feelings in order to better ground yourself. On a spiritual level, many of my clients have experienced contact with angels, animal guides, ancestors, ascended masters, messengers, as well as astral traveling, color imagery and more. We're all on our own spiritual journey and the gong helps us see the path more clearly. Bring a yoga mat, your favorite pillow and blanket and an open mind...the gong will do the rest.Discover a transformational experience guided by professionals trained in diet and exercise. Apporpriate for people looking to control weight, develop muscle tone and generally feel better about themselves through a healthy lifestyle."

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Fee: $25

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Andre Peraza is a sound healer. 

 As a trained percussionist, he brings his talents forward in an amazing sonic journey.